Implementation of a comprehensive reconstruction of a private house in the Residence Malá Šárka, Prague - Nebušice

During the implementation of the complex reconstruction of the house, the following works were performed:
1. A new ceiling was installed between the second floor and the roof - as a result, a full-fledged attic floor appeared. 2. Completely redesigned interior of the house, based on the design project. 3. Two new stairs were installed - the main one between the first and second floors, as well as from the office to the attic. 4. Designed and installed a fireplace in the living room. 5. Divorced new engineering networks: water, sewerage, heating, electrical, air conditioning. 6. The facade of the house is insulated. 7. The entrance to the garage has been expanded and new gates have been installed. 8. Eco-friendly decorative plaster or wallpaper is applied on the walls in the living rooms. 9. Spanish tiles are installed on the walls and floors of bathrooms and toilets. 10. Wooden floors have been installed in the premises of the house.
Design project of the interior, on the basis of which the repair was made, can be viewed here

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