Turn-key interior design in Prague

Developing design projects for flats and detached houses. Decor and furnishing. Interior trimming.

We create tailored interior design for apartments and houses in Prague and Karlovy Vary. We identify your needs and visualize your future residence:

We design not only the interior, but also the entire home. We not only visualize your interior but also work on its technical implementation from sewage arrangement to adjusting individual lighting fixtures. If needed, we will connect your place to the Internet, buy spoons, forks and plates, so that everything is ready for a house-warming party.

We are as meticulous as can be. We render each square meter useful, take care of the harmony and ergonomics.

Design project advantages

We design your space the way you have always wanted it to be.


We develop tailored interior design for apartments and houses in the Czech Republic and other European countries. We love talking to our clients about their future home. We take their wishes and preferences and find a technical and aesthetically pleasing solution for each of them.


We do all the paperwork. We know Czech laws and regulations to receive all required authorizations. We will re-configure your residence in accordance with Czech law. We will develop a solution for an apartment or a house in a historic area.


We consider the technical implementation. We work carefully on project engineering. We create a 3D visualization based on the design and construction documents, and selected materials.


We supervise the construction with the designer. We live through the project as early as at the design and elaboration stage, we know where pitfalls and bottlenecks are. We carry out designer supervision at all construction and finishing stages.

Designer supervision over implementation

Every single interior design project requires adjustments and a creative approach to be implemented. I take part in it to achieve the most efficient results, highest quality and maximum time saving

Inna Voytenko

We develop interior project design

This is not just a 3D picture of the interior-to-be, this also includes measurement drawings, re-layout and furniture arrangement plans, wall elevation views and a few dozens of construction drawings. A detailed approach helps us avoid errors, cost overrun and save time during repairs. We’d rather draw and plan over and over again than demolish a wall once.

It helps you experience the nature of your future interior.

A visualization will help you check out all designer solutions: from the room ergonomics to matching the furniture, curtains and the walls. For a better perception of the interior, we’ll show you sample materials.

We optimize costs

A design project helps make accurate calculations and avoid rework. For example, we find where you will be using your electronic devices so that you do not have to make a long arm for your phone charger while relaxing on your favourite sofa.

Looks like a repair instruction

It has all construction drawings and approved materials, just like a repair manual. You won’t have to deal with the builders, door installers, plumbers or plasterers though. We take care of all these works as a whole to spare you the inconvenience of paperwork and construction routines.

Interior design stages

We find it important to examine the rooms, get insights into your expectations, life style and come up with an accurate design of your space.

Sergey Voytenko
About the company

House construction and interior design are fine processes that should be managed by a single team. That’s why we work as a general contractor for all the works: no need to look for other contractors. We love to talk to our clients, understand their needs and requirements, life styles and way of thinking. We deal with all your issues and help create an environment where you will feel nice and cozy.

Sergey Voytenko

Sergey Voytenko

Inna Voytenko

Inna Voytenko
Project Leader, Architect

Ekaterina Vitkova

Ekaterina Vitkova
Real Estate Expert

Marianna Kovalskaya

Marianna Kovalskaya
Decor Designer

Oksana Krynitskaya

Oksana Krynitskaya
Design Engineer

ISDesign Group: construction and refurbishment of houses and flats in Prague

We are an architecture and construction company in Prague. We’ve been in the turn-key construction and refurbishment business since 2009: we develop designs and projects, we build and arrange all utility systems and commission projects. We specialize in high-quality refurbishment and decorative trim. We know Czech law and deal with the authorities and documentation ourselves. We work on individual basis and adapt your wishes to the local realia.

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